Fully Automatic ASTM D1160 Vacuum Distillation


Fully Automatic ASTM D1160

This system performs the D1160 vacuum distillation automatically. Just put sample in the boiling flask and start the test. Everything else is done automatically including:

Fully Automatic Functions

  • Vacuum Control
  • Distillation rate control
  • Condenser and receiver temperature
  • Recording of distillation data, / drop (IBP) and final boiling point (FBP)
  • Detection of cracking and boiling flask over-temperature
  • Ending of distillation, cool down and generation of the final report

Easy to Use: PC control automates the D1160 test from beginning to end. New and experienced operators will find this system simple to use. The software steps you through the testing process from start up to printing of results.

Easy to understand software and easy access to all the distillation components makes performing the test as simple as possible