Fully Automatic ASTM D2892 D5236 Fractional Crude Oil Distillation

Fully Automatic D2892 D5236 Crude Oil Distillation

The Automaxx 9100 performs ASTM D2892 D5236 crude oil distillation automatically.

  • Fully Automatic
  • Supports one, two or more distillation columns
  • Modular design for quick switch of distillation columns
  • Supports boiling flask sizes from 1 to 100 L
  • Auto cold trap included
  • UPS Included
  • Remove fractions at any time
  • Turnkey Operation
Easy to Use: PC control automates D2892 and D5236 crude oil distillations from beginning to end. New and experienced operators will find this system simple to use. The software steps you through D2892 and D5236 distillations.
Easy to understand software and easy access to all the distillation components makes performing crude oil distillation as simple as possible


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