Semi-Automatic ASTM D2892 D5236 Fractional Crude Oil Distillation


Semi Automatic D2892 D5236 Crude Oil Distillation

Perform ASTM D2892 D5236 crude oil distillation semi-automatically. This crude oil distillation system is highly automated but easily affordable. Everything needed to perform a complete crude oil distillation is included.

Fully Automatic Functions

  • Fraction Collection
  • Vacuum Control
  • Condenser Temperature Control
  • Reflux Ratio
  • AET Temperature Calculation
  • Distillation Column Heated Jacket Control
  • Recording of Distillation Data
  • Ending of Distillation and Cool down

Semi Automatic Functions

  • Heat Control for Boiling Flask

Operator Controlled Functions

  • Measurement of Receiver Volume
  • Creating Volume vs. Temperature Distillation Curve

Easy to Use: PC control brings semi-automation to D2892 and D5236 crude oil distillations from beginning to end. New and experienced operators will find this system simple to use. The software steps you through D2892 and D5236 distillations.

Easy to understand software and easy access to all the distillation components makes performing crude oil distillation as simple as possible

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