Mini Fractional Crude Oil Distillation


Mini Fractional Crude Oil Distillation

The Mini Crude Oil Distillation System is a unique solution for distilling small crude oil samples (50 to 1000 ml).


Distill small crude oil samples from IBP out to above 500 °C with a single distillation column.

This system’s low hold up and low back pressure are ideal for distilling crude oils.

Fully Automatic Functions

  • Fraction Collection
  • Vacuum Control
  • Condenser Temperature Control
  • Reflux Ratio
  • AET Temperature Calculation
  • Distillation Column Heated Jacket Control
  • Recording of Distillation Data
  • Ending of Distillation and Cool down

Easy to Use: PC control automates the mini crude oil distillation from beginning to end. New and experienced operators will find this system simple to use. The software steps you through crude oil distillation process

Easy to understand software and easy access to all the distillation components makes performing mini crude oil distillation as simple as possible