ASTM D1160 Vacuum Distillation


ASTM D1160 Vacuum Distillation Apparatus

An ASTM D1160 (ISO 6616) vacuum distillation apparatus for the distillation of petroleum products and
All models conform to ASTM D1160

Fully Automatic

Semi Automatic

Manually Operated

Fully Automatic D1160
The fully-automatic D1160 features fully automatic control from a PC along with standard ASTM glassware. Vacuum level, bath temperature,
distillation rate and so forth are all programmable through the PC and are controlled automatically. Easy access to all components for easy
operation and maintenance


Fully-Automatic System Features:

  • Fully Automatic Operation
  • PC Control
  • Automatic Generation of Reports
  • Easily Export Data
  • Automatic Cleaning Cycle

Semi Automatic D1160
The semi-automatic D1160 features standard ASTM D1160 glassware enhanced with PC control. The vacuum level, bath temperature and heating
rates are programmable. Hit the ENTER key when the volume reaches 5%, 10%, 20%….. Temperature and vacuum data are automatically recorded or
can be entered manually. A complete report is generated, stored and printed at the end of the test.

Semi-Automatic System Features:

  • PC Control of Distillation and Reporting
  • Automatic Control of Most Functions
  • Great Balance Between Automation and Cost
  • Automatic Generation of Reports
  • Able to Upgrade to Fully Automatic

Manually Operated ASTM D1160
The manually operated D1160 features standard ASTM D1160 glassware in a convenient mounting cabinet. Glassware, bath and vacuum system are all ergonomically mounted in a cabinet with safety shields. The manually operated apparatus can be upgraded to a semi-automatic or fully-automatic system at any time.

Manually Operated System Features

  • Turnkey Distillation System
  • Simple to Operate
  • Digital Display for Temperatures and Vacuum Level
  • Ergonomic Cabinet with Safety Shields