B/R Instrument – Micro Fractional Distillation

Micro fractional distillation

The 800 micro fractional distillation system is designed for challenging separations for the smallest of samples (7-100 ml).


High Efficiency:

This micro distillation system has up to 30 theoretical plates at atmospheric pressure. It ideal for producing high purity materials and making difficult separations on very small samples.

How Does it Work?

The key to getting a great separation on micro samples is spinning band technology. The spinning band combines high efficiency distillation with low “hold up”. Less than 0.1 ml of sample is “held up” in the distillation column. The micro spinning band distill tiny samples because only 0.1 ml of sample is actually in the distillation column at any time.

Customized for your Application:

The 800 micro distillation system can be configured according to your needs. Automation, vacuum systems, fraction collectors and other accessories can be integrated into the micro distillation system as needed. The result is a distillation apparatus customized to your specific needs.

Easy to use:

The micro distillation process is fully automated from beginning to end, minimizing the time needed to operate the equipment. Easy programming of parameters makes you feel like a distillation expert. Heating, collecting of distillate and shut down of equipment at completion are all done automatically. Optional control from a PC.


Common applications include:

  • Crude Oil Distillation
  • Petroleum Distillation
  • Biodiesel Distillation
  • High Purity Fractional Distillation
  • Essential Oil Purification
  • Vacuum Distillation
  • Research Applications

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