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True Boiling Point Distillation - ASTM D2892 Distillation of Crude Oil

True boiling point distillation distills crude oil from the initial boiling point up to 370-400 °C.  D2892 is the ASTM test number.  It is most commonly used to test crude oil and crude oil blends.  It is sometimes used to distill condensate although that is outside the scope of D2892.   The distillation typically takes […]

Wiped Film and "The Split"

Did you know that during a decent first pass in a wiped film that 50% of your starting material can go to waste?   The 50/50 split is the perfect example of the low-efficiency of a wiped film. If your crude extract is 50-70% cannabinoids, then how can 50% of the material be waste on […]

Compare Spinning Band Distillation with Short Path Distillation

Short Path Distillation Short path distillation is an introductory distillation technique sometimes used in labs in their start up phase. Short path produces usable but lower quality oil often in the 80% cannabinoid range after 2-3 passes. A common problem during short path operation are vacuum leaks which lead to degradation and dark oil. Spinning […]

Cannabis Oil Extraction - Extraction of Cannabinoids

Cannabis Oil Extraction – Crude Oil Extraction   Consumption of cannabis has shifted over the years from smoking the plant to the use of concentrated cannabinoid oils.  Vaping, dabbing, and edibles are becoming the most popular ways to use cannabis oil. These oils which are rich in THC and CBD are made by extracting the […]

Why Distill Crude Oil on a Lab Scale?

Not all Crude Oil is the Same. How can you do Quality Control? Refineries buy large volumes of crude oil. But when a 500,000 barrel tanker arrives, how do they know they are getting what they paid for?  How do they know that it hasn’t been mixed or “cut” with low value compounds to increase […]

Butane Collection for True Boiling Point Distillation – ASTM D2892

Butane Collection for True Boiling Point Distillation – ASTM D2892 Butane is a component of crude oil that boils well below room temperature.  Its low boiling point requires special receivers to prevent loss of butane from the system. The receivers are cooled with dry ice or a cold finger style cooling system. There will either […]

Vacuum Pot Still: ASTM D5236 for Distillation of Heavy Hydrocarbons

Vacuum Pot Still (VPS) The vacuum pot still distills crude oil residue from 370 ºC up to 565 ºC.  D5236 is the ASTM test number. It is most commonly used to distill the residue from ASTM D2892 true boiling point test. There are four sizes of distillation column shown in the table below with corresponding […]

Modeling Refining with Lab-Scale Crude Oil Distillation: ASTM D2892

Lab-scale Crude Oil Distillation Distillation of crude oil in the laboratory models what happens in the refinery.  The results of the lab-scale distillation predicts the quantity and quality of each distilled product from the refinery.  This information is used to choose the best crude oils for a refinery at the best price. The refinery distills […]