Remote Control and Monitoring of Cannabis Oil Distillation

How would you like to go out for lunch while your distillation system churns out high potency THC distillate.  It may seem like a dream but it’s already happening.



The B/R Spinning Band distillation system already comes highly automated.  There’s no need to sit in front of it all day.  Operators are free to multitask on other projects while the distillation system does the bulk of the work.  Its a great stress reliever not to be tied to the distillation unit all day.  We’re not suggesting that the operator won’t want to keep an eye on things but just that they don’t need to sit in front of it constantly.


Remote Control

Remote control takes the automation to a new level.   Use team viewer to remotely access the PC that controls the distillation.  Monitor the current conditions. look through logs and graphs of the distillation, even change parameters.  Add a camera connected to the internet and get a visual of the distillation system at the same time.  Add a motor to the fraction collector and change fraction collector receivers.


Whether you are in the next state or the next room, remote access of your distillation gives operators and team members a powerful tool to increase productivity.

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