Mini-Crude Oil Distillation

Distilling small samples of crude oil  100- 1000 ml


Mini Crude Oil Distillation

Distilling small samples of crude oil can be a challenge.  The “hold up” in the column packing makes true boiling point, D2892 distillation column impractical    Traditional packed column systems have a lower limit of about 1 liter sample size.  B/R developed the Mini-Crude Oil distillation system to fill this need.

The heart of the mini crude oil distillation is the spinning band distillation column.  It’s ultra low hold up and zero back pressure makes it an ideal tool for distilling small samples.


Column Application Column Length
36-100-90 Best separation of components 90 cm
36-100-60 Balance of separating power and high final temperature 60 cm
36-100-45 Highest possible final temperature 45 cm


Different length distillation columns let’s you focus in our your specific goals.  If reaching the highest possible temperature is the goal, then the 45 cm column length is best.  If getting the best separation possible is the goal then the 90 cm length is best.  The 60 cm column is a good balance of temperature range and separating power.



High Efficiency Distillation of Crude Oil

The mini crude oil distillation is used in applications where getting the best possible separation is important.  The crisp separation between fractions with the B/R Mini CODS isn’t possible with any other technique.

Column Length Max Theoretical Plates

SS Spinning Band

36-100-90 90 cm 85
36-100-60 60 cm 55
36-100-45 45 cm 42



Micro Crude Oil Distillation

For samples 100 ml and smaller there is the B/R Micro Crude Oil Distillation System.


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